By signing up for a subscription box, you understand that your beers will be delivered as per the schedule selected. You can only edit, pause or cancel your subscription after a two month minimum sign up.

When you sign up for the monthly agreement you are committed to a minimum of 2 months. During this time your case of beers cannot be changed, cancelled, or paused. After that if you wish to cancel, pause (although that will make us sad), or change your beer selection then you can.

Your subscription is a flexible service, you can cancel or pause anytime (after the min 2 month sign up period), but please check the information on each type of subscription for details.

Your payment card will be charged as per the frequency you have requested. If you pay monthly, your payment card will be charged on the same day you made the original purchase each month, ahead of your order being sent out. You’ll receive a reminder email each month before your payment is taken.

Please note, our subscription pricing may be subject to change (this includes the cost of delivery), however if this does happen, we’ll make sure to notify you before these changes are made. It may be more difficult to contact you if you don’t have an account with us so we would recommend creating an account to ensure you’re kept up to date on all changes

You acknowledge that by signing up to a subscription you will be charged automatically for both delivery of your order and the order itself.

By signing up to subscription you are authorising us and our third-party payment providers to take payment and/or to charge your payment card for the relevant amounts and at the relevant times. The despatch of your box is subject to us being able to charge your payment card. It is your responsibility to update your payment card details and address as necessary and check that the details in your account are correct.

Each subscription will be fulfilled for the original date (or close to the original date) you signed up. If you wish to make a change to the delivery date, this can be updated via your account, up to 2 days before your payment is due to be taken. We will try to meet the date requested.

If you do wish to cancel or pause your subscription you’ll need to action it at least 2 days before your next payment is due. After this point we cannot guarantee your request will be actioned, and you will be charged as usual. Sorry, we won’t be able to offer a refund after this point.

We’ll do our best to deliver your order the same time each month, but please check your specific subscription for details. If you’re not in, our delivery partners may look for a safe space to leave your box, and if that’s not possible, we’ll let you know and will arrange a time to redeliver.

If you’re not happy with your goods received, your irder can be returned by following our returns policy here and will be refunded once received.

If we suspect any of our services being used incorrectly or shared inappropriately, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription without warning.

If you ever encounter a problem with the subscription, please feel free to contact us via and we will get back to you as soon as possible!